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If you are looking for an activity where the whole family can get involved, you have come to the right place!  Here at Shaw's CBBA there is a benefit for everyone.  Kids love it because it's fun, builds self-esteem, teaches self-discipline, and helps them work toward goals.  Parents love taking the classes because it's a great way to get in shape and at the same time they learn to defend themselves in any situation.  It truly is fun for the whole family!

Christian Black Belt Academies, International was founded in 1996 by Pastor Troy Stein and Mr. Craig Shaw.  The Founders felt that there was a need for a Martial Arts Organization that keeps its focus on the needs of the students and the development of their character into what God would have for their lives.  In 2001 they introduced a new advanced style of Taekwondo entitled the Abishai Style of Taekwondo.


Christian Black Belt Academies, International maintains its conviction that Traditional Taekwondo training is the heart of each of our continually developing programs.  Our desire is to make quality Self-Defense training affordable and convenient for every student that desires to excel as a Martial Artist.  It is with these objectives that we have developed the Abishai Style of Taekwondo.

The Vision of Christian Black Belt Academies, International is to train people with practical and traditional techniques of Self-Defense while developing their moral and spiritual character.  CBBA is a Christ-centered Martial Arts Organization that believes in promoting Integrity, Courtesy, Loyalty, Respect, Perseverance, Honor, and Self-Control in every student.

The definition of Taekwondo as it relates to the Abishai Style is "A Martial Art that trains people physically and mentally while emphasizing the need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ."


Front Row:  Haven - Spencer - Amanda - Andrea 

Back Row:  Brad - Austin - Nate - Craig - Seth - Emma

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